Recap: "Week 16"

It's the sixteenth week on The Biggest Loser campus, and the claws are coming out. Tara lost her partner, leaving the Brown team as the only pair intact, and Tara's scared and upset that Jillian advocated for Laura to be voted out. The two talk it over, and after Jillian yells at her not to be so selfish and realize it wasn't right to keep her there with an injury, the two move on. On the other side, Kristin is also terrified that there are only three weigh-ins left and that the moment she declares how badly she wants to win, it will get yanked away.

The contestants were treated to a fitness and food trivia game this week with Rosemary Ellis, the editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping, as the host. The questions are somewhat tricky. (Who knew that ground chicken wasn't a great option since it includes the skin?) The last question asks how many calories a fried fish sandwich with tartar sauce contains, and Mike is only 5 calories off from the correct answer of 640. I'm always amazed at how well they all learn calorie counts. Kristin is pretty bummed when Mike wins the three-day trip for two to New York City and even asks him, "Are you even old enough to go to New York by yourself?" Someone's a little bitter.

Next up is the challenge where the contestants' future literally hangs in the balance. Are there ever any challenges that aren't metaphors for the BL contestants? Each person hangs in a cage suspended 45 feet above the ground, and each one holds the rope that keeps them in the air. Once they let go, the cage falls and they're eliminated. Everyone freaks out about the height, and Mike and Ron are the first two to drop. Everyone starts bickering to cause each other to lose focus, but it doesn't really work for anyone. I love that Helen called Tara out for her diss that sounded more like something a 10-year-old would say. After an hour, only Tara and Helen are left. Helen tries to bargain with the powerhouse but to no avail. She lets go of the rope and Tara wins... again. Yawn. She gets a choice between $10,000 and a one-pound advantage to be decided at the weigh-in. Which would you choose?

Bob watches the video journal he had instructed his team to make so that he'd get a sense of their eating habits. Surpisingly, he's upset that they're not eating enough. Even their dinner is one serving split between the three of them. We all know that on the ranch, when you eat too little it ends up backfiring.

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