'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: Advantage Schmadvantage

Last week was work week on The Biggest Loser: Couples. This week, well, maybe you could call it spa week. Or food week. Or something. Anything. There should be a name for this week that isn't "any other ordinary week" right? Well, that's not really a point, but sometimes these labels are nice--and they help a lot, too. Anyway, before I get distracted.

Spa day out, anyone? This week's episode began with a pop food challenge. Just trivia questions, no eating required--and to boot, the winning team gets a day at the spa, complete with a limo to bring them there. That honor goes to the blue team, who really lived it up with massages, swims and all those food. The black team? Well, they cleaned the gym and the kitchen.

But it's good to see nobody dwelled on the spa--after all, there is work to do. In the middle of workouts, Jillian talks to Ashley, who's worried about the amount of weight she still has to lose, as well as her mother, Sherry. Bob continued giving his team some luxury (if you'd call it that) by extolling the virtues of the avocado.

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