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check out the blog for spoilers!!

and yes, most of them have sources and are comfirmed.

it is 99% that peyton is the girl for lucas!! and he had called her!


i am SO happy to hear that


| Jul 21, 2008 12:43AM EDT
um yeah i totally agree P. Sawyer is the one...and besides Lucas is always saving her....they HAVE to be together...<33
| Jul 15, 2008 6:28PM EDT
OH MY LOORDD! i've just thought.. right..- Brooke would be getting a call off the adoption people to say she's gonna get a baby. -Peyton asked Mia to get the guy off her tour who knew Ellie to call her. -I can't think why Lindsey would get a call. =( it best not be man-face Lyndsey, she proper annoys me.. Peyton is the right girll! any other way and i will CRYYY! =(

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