Gossip Girl News Roundup: While You Were Holed Up Watching Your Season 2 DVD Set...

...the Gossip Girl cast were posing for their Season 3 group promo shot! If this picture holds the key to this season's themes, here are my predictions:

* Serena will be showing off her boobs a lot. (Again.)

* Nate is just going take whatever horrible things that happen to him lying down. (Again.)

* Chuck and Blair, wearing black like their hearts, will continue being evil and gorgeous.

* Jenny is going to wear... finger gloves? Are those real things? Or did she dip her hands in black ink to show what a rebel she is?

Whatever, they look hot. Here's the rest of the Gossip Girl news that's fit to print:

* First 90210, and now The Beautiful Life people want to cross-over with Gossip Girl. The Beautiful Life's exec producer, Mike Kelley, has this idea: "The idea ... is that we have two shows that exist in the same city, and our cast is on the subway, and their cast is on the subway. Then the subway shuts down. We don't even have to necessarily cross [cast members and plot lines]; we can simply tell two stories with them in the background during the same event, and maybe have one or two of the characters cross through." Wow, way to give away your entire plot idea, Mike! Do you not know how to say "spoiler alert"? Here, I'll show you how it's done. SPOILER ALERT: This crossover should not happen! And (DOUBLE SPOILER AHOY) it will probably be corny, and bad!

* Taylor Momsen's band, The Pretty Reckless, released two demos on their Myspace page, and... they didn't make my ears bleed!

* Time Warner just signed a deal with YouTube and, yadda yadda yadda... that apparently means more Gossip Girl clips on the site!

* The ever-lovely Leighton Meester appeared on Ellen this morning, and talked about how her parents were once in prison, but they live "the good life now." She also talked about her new record deal, and donated a gorgeous orange Chloe dress for Ellen's Humane Society fund raiser.

* The dudes of Cobra Starship discussed Leighton's "diva" behavior after working with her on their song "Good Girls Gone Bad," and decided she wasn't much of a diva at all. "She was, like, three hours late," frontman Gave Saporta said, and "dressed like a movie star, all prim and proper." But, he added, Meester "wasn't that Hollywood" and "when she finally got there it was great."

* Michael Ausiello, lord of the spoilers, handed over a couple more this morning:

Question: Any Gossip Girl scoop? Please, tell us something that doesn't have to do with Dan and Georgina or Dan and Olivia.

Ausiello: Are we on a first name basis with Hilary Duff's Gossip starlet already? Good to know. Well, speaking of Olivia, there's a new man in her life. His name is Patrick and they're co-stars in the Twilight Vampire Knight movie franchise. Casting is under way for the two-episode role.

Question: Bonjour! Avez-vous des infos sur la saison 3 de Gossip Girl??? Merci beaucoup!!!!

Ausiello: Lady Gaga fera une apparition dans l'episode special "Halloween." Batman aussi. Et Robin. Et... Vous voyez ou je veux en venir? (Ce sont tous des deguisements, mon ami!)

Translation: Lady Gaga will make an appearance in the special episode "Halloween." Batman too. And Robin. And ... You see where I am going? (These are all disguises, my friend!)

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