'Lost' Season 6, Episode 8 Recap: Sawyer Toes That Fine Line

Last week on Lost, Ben's involvement in Jacob's death was revealed, and it almost got him killed... at least until Ilana decided to adopt him. I guess she was afraid that he'd flip to Flocke's side like he initially planned to. This week, we head on over to Locke's side of the Island, where we discover a couple more things. Just a couple.

Alternate Sawyer: Good cop, bad ladies man

Over in the alternate timeline, Sawyer is conning some woman again... or not. I apologize for calling that preview clip a "miss", because it is far from one. It's a stake-out! Sawyer is a cop! Sawyer is a cop! Wait, let me change that--James Ford is a cop! And to make things cooler, his partner is a certain Miles Straume.

The next day, Miles pulls Sawyer away from calling every Anthony Cooper he can find. He's setting him up for a blind date, apparently with someone his dad works with at the museum. That girl happens to be Charlotte. Cue me screaming "frak!" to the screen. As all of Sawyer's dates go, things pan out very well. They go to his home, have sex in his bed--and then she asks him if she can borrow a shirt. She ends up rummaging through his drawer and finds a folder marked "Sawyer" in it. Inside: news clippings of his parents' death, and the stamps he collects. He sees her looking through it, gets really angry, and asks her to leave.

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