Denzel Does Doomsday in The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli is the latest film from brothers Albert and Allen Hughes in which the post-apocalyptic remains of what was once earth lay barren in hope of salvation in the year 2043. The film centers around the character Eli (Denzel Washington), who roams westward with the Book of Eli, a Bible that holds the knowledge to restore order but is also the source of humanity's pain.

Intrigued? The concept, which has been done before, (let the inevitable Mad Max references percolate here along with hints of Fahrenheit 451) rides mainly on two fundamentals: hope and survival. Denzel Washington is no stranger to the role of hero but The Book of Eli takes Washington's heroic cinematic persona to crusader territory, as Eli looks to re-establish order in a world where chaos permeates from every corner of the earth. While it's possible for the Book of Eli, a Bible, to bring some semblance of social structure, it is also the evidence of the destruction that has left the Earth in shambles. Gary Oldman steps into the villainous role of Carnegie, a deceitful mayor out to steal the Book of Eli whose only connection to some vestige of humanity is his rogue band of followers, which includes his concubine, Claudia (Jennifer Beals), her daughter Solara (Mila Kunis), and his blood-thirsty enforcer Redridge (Ray Stevenson).

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