Recap: "Presumed Guilty"

In this week's episode of CSI: Miami, blood bugs abound, a camera phone comes to the rescue and Diddy's on defense.

Calleigh, Natalia and Eric are called as witnesses at a trial for Alphonso Reyes and Diddy makes his appearance as the defense lawyer, Derek Powell. They all testify to finding the victim's body in the locker room of the country club where she was strangled, and they found Reyes' DNA on the victim's body. Horatio is outside the courtroom talking to the victim's father while the defendant is found guilty of the murder. Even six weeks after the killing, Lindsay Garland's body is still in the morgue and Dr. Price unzips her body bag to find tons of bugs in it. As Horatio says, "this changes everything." But why, we do not yet know.

It was determined they were blood flies and the eggs hatched inside the bag, which means she was killed outdoors and not in the locker room because these bugs only live in tropical places. Eric and Ryan go to the country club locker room where the victim was found to look for more evidence. Horatio informs the defense lawyer that Reyes may be innocent because the victim was not in fact killed in the locker room. Powell says he was just building his case before he appealed and that he has a witness named Tammy Witten. Tammy is in the hospital after having overdosed on antidepressants, but she tells Natalia she saw a car on the day of the killing sideswipe the wall near the country club and that Lindsey was a passenger in the car. She says she told the lawyer about it and that he didn't believe her story.

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