Review: Scrubs - Our Dear Leaders Season 9, Episode 11

Just like with Better Off Ted, there doesn't seem to be any sign that the final two episodes of Scrubs are going to air any time soon. One was supposed to air tonight, but got yanked. One might air next Wednesday, but evidence is conflicting.

If this is the last episode we see, then, that'll be a shame, because this was the best one of the season. We saw a lot of growth by all the characters, even the ones that we've seen on our screens for nine years. But mostly, we saw exactly what the new Scrubs could be if given time: a great ensemble comedy that brings the funny on a consistent basis.

What did I like about the episode?

-- Drew asserting himself as a true leader, with Cox's help. It really looks like Cox is taking a shine to his number one, to the extent that he's giving Drew lessons that go beyond medicine. We're seeing a new side of Cox, too, one that doles out compliments along with his patented shaming method of leadership. Also, we know what makes him smile: the prospect of putting his students through Hell Week.

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