Recap: "The Maternal Capacitance"

After a dreadful visit from his mother, Leonard turns to Penny and tequila for comfort.

The episode couldn't have begun any better: Raj + karaoke = an awesome rendition of Red Hot Chili Peppers "Under the Bridge." The solo was quickly cut very short after Penny walked into the apartment because of the noise they were making. We then see Leonard on the phone with a mystery individual and Sheldon was analyzing who he could be talking to. It was obvious that whoever he was talking to, he was not very happy about it. Sheldon finally guesses that it must have something to do with a colonoscopy appointment. But was it? No, it was worse. Leonard tells the gang that his mom was coming to visit.

The following scene we see Leonard's mom, Beverly, played by the lovely and talented Christine Baranski, standing in front of the visibly broken elevator. Penny returns from doing laundry and sees her standing there staring at the yellow construction tape. Right away it is obvious that Leonard's mom is a little strange. After a very brief conversation, Penny quickly states, "You must be Leonard's mother," and walks with her up to his apartment. In this short period of time, Beverly manages to not only make Penny cry, but grills her on her childhood and "daddy issues."

The next scenes make it very clear that Leonard is truly suffering from her visit (and to be honest I don't know how he survived his childhood), but Sheldon seems to really be enjoying the company of Leonard's mom. Not only does Sheldon open up and tell the story of his mother hitting him with a Bible because he didn't eat his Brussels sprouts, but they both even go to the hospital together (Sheldon loves to get his head scanned) to analyze the brain together. This makes me wonder to myself: Is Sheldon in love with Beverly or is he just glad to have an older/sophisticated woman around him?

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