Daybreakers - Review

Vampires are popping up so often these days, and in such a trendy sympathetic light, that it's getting hard to remember when they were the vicious and spooky other. You could argue that Daybreakers takes the new commonality of vampires to its logical extreme. The movie is set in 2019, 10 years after vampires have taken over the earth and established an undead society that looks a lot like the human one they wiped out. Yes, they've still got big incisors and golden eyes, but they also stand on subway platforms in Willy Loman overcoats, waiting glumly for the next train, and in line at fast-food outlets that serve coffee and 20 percent blood. That would be human blood, and the reason for the scant percentage figure is that the world is fast running out of it. (It's a thin metaphor for our situation with oil.)

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