Review: NCIS - Jet Lag Season 7, Episode 13

So there they were in Paris -- Tony and Ziva. The situation was ripe for romance, right? Was NCIS finally going to "go there" and let fans have a Moonlighting moment for their favorite characters?

Not so fast. Before you could say Champs Elysees, the two were boarding a jet at Charles de Gaulle airport to complete an assignment that turned into murder in the air. Fortunately, the mystery on the airliner trumped the one on the ground and made for a good episode.

It seemed way too coincidental that Gibbs and McGee were investigating a dead Marine who just happened to be a part time hit man and his next target was Tony and Ziva's charge, the Pollyanna whistleblower do-gooder who was a hopeless romantic. Too bad she was not going to get a happy ending. But suppose the cleaning lady hadn't found the dead Marine's body? See, there would have been no connection and that was too contrived for me.

The mystery on the plane was a lot better. The reference to Murder on the Orient Express was apt, although there were too few suspects. Neeley was too obvious, so was the guy with the earphones who looked vaguely like a terrorist. I suspected the little woman with the knitting needles because if Ziva could be a killer, why not her? And -- by the way -- do airlines allow knitting needles on planes these days? No liquids allowed, but knitting needles are okay?

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Jan 30, 2010 8:40AM EST

My point exactly (no pun intended). Airlines do NOT allow knitting needles (or crochet needles either) on a plane and that rule has been in effect for quite a while. I flew to Pittsburgh several years ago and had to put my crochet in my luggage because the needles were a banned carry-on item. This little incongruity made the whole thing seem staged and unreal. The writers should have known better and been more creative.

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