Edge of Darkness - Review

The ability to get angry on screen - to really light a fire with your fury - has been a defining characteristic of more than a few great movie stars (Humphrey Bogart, Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood, Russell Crowe). It's not a trait you really choose, either; it's one that chooses you. Mel Gibson was one of the chosen from the moment he first came to international prominence in Mad Max (1980). As Max, the cop turned two-lane-blacktop vigilante, he was a cocky kid in leather pants, just enjoying the ride, but when he cuffed a bad guy to an explosive, handed him a hacksaw, and said that he'd have just enough time to saw through his own ankle, Gibson established himself as a cold-eyed avenger who could bring an audience's blood to a righteous, happy boil. He's unleashed that rage countless times since, in Braveheart and Ransom and the Lethal Weapon films; even his infamous tabloid tirade showed us the dark demons of a star who'd made a point of revealing his demons on screen. So when you go to see Edge of Darkness, the new political revenge thriller starring Gibson as a Boston cop investigating his daughter's murder, you know who you're really waiting to see: Mad Mel.

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