Survivor's JT Talks About His Unbelievable Move

Oh, JT, JT. In Survivor: Tocantins, JT played a great game, making it with his ally Stephen to the very end and ultimately winning the million dollars. But in Heroes vs. Villains, things went very differently. JT made one of the biggest, boldest and many would say dumbest moves in the show's history, when he gave away an immunity idol to Russell - a member of the Villains tribe, and someone JT knew almost nothing about, because his initial season, Samoa, had not aired when Heroes vs. Villains was filmed. That move came back to bite JT big time, as he was voted out this past week, on the heels of an incredible power play by Parvati, that had her use the two different hidden idols she was in possession of (one of which was originally JT's!) to protect both Jerri and Sandra from any votes cast against them.

I spoke to JT to get his perspective on what went down and what he thinks of Russell, Parvati and others he played with this time around.

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