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Hawthorne. What can I say? It's a solid series - but why so long to get the second season on the go? Was Jade too busy telling talk shows how many times her and Will did the deed to get back into the studio and actually do some filming?

Seriously, it's been so long since it was on that I'd nearly forgotten who the characters were and what their relationships were. Giving your audience time to forget is the kiss of death to a series. Having said that, Hawthorne is a good - if seriously predictable - medical series. Personally, on this weeks offering, I'd have preferred that they'd saved Mercy and dumped Hawthorne. Jade is a good actress and a very attractive woman, but I get lost somewhat when I see the same actor turning up in too many similar roles in different series - James Morrison, I'm looking at you! - and then I begin to wonder if he had to leave one to do the other, etc. I was disappointed that Hawthorne has chosen to 'start again' as it were. I feel like we're back to square one and I'm not convinced the writers will dare to move away from the cliched plot lines and give the show the energy that it needs. I'll keep watching, but it's going to have to improve. It's so same-old, same old!


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Jul 14, 2010 11:34PM EDT

I agree that HawthoRNe is a solid series that definitely has room for improvement...I'm still in a "wait and see" mode with regards to the direction they've taken it in. I preferred the dynamic the crew had at the old hospital, but I guess their being relocated is an example of the challenges and difficulties that take place in the medical field. I also agree about James Morrison...I like him, but recognizing the similarity in his roles on HawthoRNe and Private Practice, and wondering if he had to choose b/w them, does take me out of the story a bit...I think they should give his character more involvement in the show...perhaps more of a personal connection to Christina via a relationship with her former mother-in-law, and subsequent interest in the daughter's success, would help solidify his character.
I think heating the romance up between Tom & Christina has definitely given the show an energy boost, and having her say "no" to his proposal should turn up the drama a notch or two...it will be interesting to see how they interact with each other after this week's epi. I think I know the way they're going with it, but I'm hoping the execution will maintain my interest.
I would like to see Bobbi and Kelly get some romance as well. It seems Bobbi and the new doctor are on a course to one another...maybe they could shake things up with Kelly by having her fall in love with a bad-boy patient and start acting out of character or something. I'm more interested in watching storylines involving them than the one w/Christina's daughter, Camille, and the young intern because that's just forced...also, Camille kind of gets on my nerves.
HawthoRNe's season 2 premiered in June just as season 1 did...because it is a summer show.

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