Recap: "And They're Offed"

In this episode of CSI: Miami, all eyes are on the track as a murder goes down and all bets are off as to who's the killer. Calleigh and Eric inch closer to a possible resolution to the "will they or won't they" question.

The episode opens to reveal a man behind glass in his luxury suite watching his horse, Backdraft, through binoculars. Poor Robert Banyon is shot from behind right before the race ends.

"So what have we got besides a killer view?" Calleigh asks Eric as they begin to collect the evidence from the luxury box. The only thing out of place is a box of truffles, Calleigh's favorite, which apparently can't be found in Miami. The truffles are tracked to Chicago and the company is owned by a man named Wayne Tully - who happens to be in town. When questioned, he says he went there to try to buy shares in Banyon's stable. He also happened to check a gun into his flight to Miami which he says was for protection.

A boy walks up to the CSIs outside of the racetrack and he has Wolfe's name and number in his pocket. The boy's father is a friend of Wolfe's and is also a vet at the track. He failed to pick up his son after school. The scene cuts to an intense fight involving Wolfe and two men at a house. Horatio comes in the nick of time and sees a man lying bloody on the ground. He has a Russian mob tattoo on his shoulder and when Horatio calls him on it, the man slits his own throat. The other man is Wolfe's friend, Mark Gantry who Wolfe says called him because he was in trouble, but that he didn't know why.

Dr. Price determines that Banyon was killed by a captive bolt gun which is normally used to put down livestock. They are supposed to destroy a horse's brain stem so the heart keeps beating and are thus inhumane. The CSIs think maybe someone didn't like the way Banyon treated his animals. Calleigh and Eric approach his horse trainer for questioning and Eric finds a towel wrapped bolt gun in some feed. They take the trainer into the station.

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