Recap Guiding Light: Wednesday, January 7, 2009

After Josh and Jeffrey dismantled the outdoor Christmas decorations at Cross Creek, Jeffrey handed Josh the medal he'd found at the lake. Josh studied it, theorizing that Shayne had trashed it because Shayne hated being a hero. Jeffrey figured it was tough for Shayne, given that his injury had precluded the completion of his overseas mission. Jeffrey told Josh that he'd gotten Shayne a volunteer position on Fifth Street, and Josh thought it could be good for Shayne. They agreed that Josh would keep an eye on Shayne to take the burden off Reva.

Reva took a video camera to the lake to tape a message for her unborn son to have in the event of her death. She said he was a miracle child, but she was unsure that she believed in miracles. She relayed how much they loved him, but she asked him to cut Jeffrey some slack because Jeffrey would be raising a child alone for the first time. Reva got emotional and said that she would check back later. Jeffrey met her to take her to their parenting class at Cedars.

As the class concluded, they overheard an expectant mother griping that her new child would be a burden. Reva geared up to lecture the woman, but Jeffrey spoke first, telling the mother how precious children were. He believed that they were a lot of work, but well worth any burden. When they arrived home, an excited Jeffrey said he couldn't wait to learn everything Reva knew about child rearing. As he made Reva an appointment with Colin, Reva grabbed the video recorder to tell their unborn son that his daddy would do just fine.

At the McAvoy Center, Byron held a knife to Dinah's neck, but Shayne claimed that Dinah wasn't special to him. Dinah begged Shayne to help her, but Shayne told her that she was screwed. Shayne thought that Byron was going out with a big bang by offing the owner of a television station. Shayne found it ironic that the news media would broadcast that his name was Byron Skiddle, since Byron hated his name. Shayne gave Byron permission to hurt Dinah, but he warned that Byron had to go through him first. Shayne said he was a man with nothing to lose after the hellish things he'd witnessed in the war zone. A frazzled Byron said, "You never saw me, you got that! You never saw me!" Byron then took off running.

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