Episode Recap: "Smoke Gets in Your CSIs"

In this episode of CSI: Miami, Calleigh takes one for the team and almost loses her life, Eric professes his love and the CSIs track down a heroin addict's killer.

Wolfe and Calleigh are called to a house when a neighbor smells something rotting for days. There's a body in the attic and apparently someone's not done with it yet as they come back and start shooting at Calleigh and Wolfe through the ceiling. The shooter then sets the house on fire with them locked in the attic They hear what appears to be a bomb explode (it later turns out to be the microwave ignition of an aerosol can) and Calleigh breaks through the floor to get out. She makes Wolfe take the body with them as it's the only evidence they've got at this point.

Horatio and Eric find a business card at the scene with the name Jeff Peralta on it. Jeff says he was at the house because he was thinking about buying it, as it was a foreclosure he could get for a good price. He said he wasn't supposed to go inside but felt it was worth breaking the law to see if the house was worth the price. Both he and his wife give DNA samples just in case.

Dr. Price determines the time of death as the day prior and a gunshot wound as the cause of death. She also finds track marks hidden between the corpse's toes so they think perhaps it could have been a drug deal gone bad. A DNA test on some fingernail scrapings on the victim reveals the name Colin Astor. Colin says he met the dead guy at a pickup game last week. In the midst of questioning, Calleigh starts coughing and then stops breathing. Eric has them call for an ambulance and when she and Delko arrive at the hospital, former CSI Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander) is the doctor on call who handles her severe case of smoke inhalation. Horatio waits in the hall and Alexx takes the dramatic long walk down the hall to tell him of Calleigh's fate. Eric, meanwhile, looks on in horror as they try and save her. Alexx tells Horatio to "get him now," as Calleigh is only breathing with the help of machines and nitric oxide, which can't last for long.

"I can't imagine going to work without you. I can't imagine living my life without you," Eric tells Calleigh.

So far this episode is more about the characters' personal lives than the case at hand. The drama of Calleigh's smoke inhalation trauma has taken up a good portion of the first half.

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