Recap Guiding Light: Thursday, January 8, 2009

Olivia showed Emma vacation brochures for Emma's spring break. Natalia entered the kitchen, anxious to share some vacation brochures, saying she had noticed that spring break was approaching. Emma and Olivia looked at each other and laughed at the coincidence. Natalia volunteered to take Emma shopping for art supplies, but she had a nagging feeling that she was forgetting something important. Olivia offered to watch the food in the crock-pot. Olivia assured Emma that she would soon figure out what made her family unique.

While running errands with Emma, Natalia realized that she'd forgotten Rafe's prescription. Natalia tried to call Olivia to say that she and Emma were headed to the prison, but Natalia's cell phone was dead. Emma asked if Natalia liked helping Olivia. Natalia said they helped each other like partners. Meanwhile, as Olivia conducted a conference call, she found Rafe's prescription. When she couldn't reach Natalia on her cell phone's other line, she abruptly ended her conference call, saying that something important had come up.

Natalia and Emma took Rafe his prescription, and Emma mentioned her spring break. Natalia explained to Rafe how she and Olivia had coincidentally brought up spring break at the same time. Emma said it was weird, but Natalia doubted the women would be in sync like that again. Just then, Olivia showed up with another prescription for Rafe, and everyone laughed that it had happened again. At the farmhouse later, Emma decided that Olivia and Natalia made her family unique. She wanted to base her project on them. Olivia thought that certainly beat writing about Alan. On their laptop, Emma titled her project, "My Two Mommies."

While Emma worked, Olivia said that Emma's project had brought to the forefront Olivia's dilemma about Phillip. She knew that sooner or later, she would have to tell Emma about her father. Natalia said Olivia didn't have to worry about it just then.

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