Episode Recap: "The Possimpible"

Finding a job stateside is tough these days, even for Robin Scherbatsky. In danger of being deported back to Canada, an unemployed Robin turns to her buds for some job-hunting tips, and out from the woodworks come some crazy special skills and one awesome video resume.

Robin's been unemployed for months, FutureTed reminds us, and the job search, or rather auditions, is not going very well. Psyched out by her fellow applicants over her lack of a "killer sign-off," she bombs her News 10 anchor position tryout. "May the road ahead be lit with dreams and tomorrows... which are lit with dreams also. Stand tall, New York. Trustworthy. Recycling. Wear a condom," she rambles. Thanks, Robin. Ted says her problem is her "cluttered" resume, which isn't streamlined like his that lists his oh-so relevant gig as Wesleyan University's radio program director, aka the mysterious Dr. X, whose own sign-off was "X marks the spot." A genius in his own mind, Ted - or more like Pretentious Ted - defends Dr. X's awesomeness and his anti-racism agenda against the school's meal plan. Marshall and Lily, of course, beg to differ.

Before they can get into it, though, Barney flashes a letter from the Department of Immigration that got mixed in with Robin's fan mail. Our favorite Canadian's work visa is about to expire, which means she'll be deported back north in the next seven days unless she can get a gig in her field. Marshall suggests marriage, and Barney's way ahead of him, getting down on one knee. Swoon! But that plan's a bust because the paperwork can't be processed in time. Ted floats the idea that maybe people aren't responding to Robin's reel. What's on it? Her first gig reporting from Lake Athabasca in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, on a wintry summer day. Major fail, Barney says. Nay, Marshall says because "where you're from is part of who you're selling." Case in point: He keeps his county dunk champion title under his "special skills" section on his resume. The "Vanilla Thunder" (or "Ghost in the Post," "Human Turnstile") dunked up until recently when he was diagnosed with iliopsoas tendinitis or dancer's hip. Cue "Marshall has a vagina" jokes.

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