'Top Chef' Recap: Cooking for the kids and Kass Season 7, Episode 2

There's a place called Washington, D.C. where there are fat cats, along with bulls and bears, and people saying things like senate majority and sexual relations. In this land, things are blue and red, and there are a lot of white buildings, where famous stuff happened.

Oh? What's that? You've heard of this place? It's where who lives?

Well, I'm with you, but apparently the Bravo producers are not because they want you to know that their new home turf is all politics and bad puns like bipartisandwich, which elicited a collective groan in the Top Chef kitchen. But I'll leave the filibusters to Padma.

The D.C.-isms continued with assistant White House chef Sam Kass, who announced the day's quickfire challenge. Side note: Does anyone else think Kass would make a rather handsome and astute regular judge? There's something about his shaved head and him telling Kenny that a tomato is actually a fruit it was working for me.

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