Recap Guiding Light: Friday, January 9, 2009

Reva ran into Marina, who was waiting for Mallet, at Cedars. After Reva belatedly congratulated Marina on her marriage, talk turned to Reva's condition. Marina stated her belief that Reva was brave going through with her pregnancy while battling cancer. Reva discounted that it was bravery and said that the baby could be helping her battle leukemia. Reva asked if Marina and Mallet were thinking about having children and Marina responded that it was not possible. Reva told Marina not to give up on miracles.

The doctor informed Mallet that the mole on his back could be myeloma. Shocked that he could have cancer, Mallet asked a ton of questions and kept repeating that he had a wife and he could not have cancer. Reva overheard Mallet's assertion that it could not be cancer. When the doctor left, Mallet realized that Reva overheard and told her about the mole. When Mallet asked her not to mention it to anyone, Reva realized that he meant Marina, as well, and urged him to tell her. Mallet told Reva that it was pointless to make Marina worry, since he was not even sure that it was cancer. Reva warned him not to rationalize it, because the longer he waited to tell her, the worse it would get. Reva told him that keeping that secret could destroy his marriage. Mallet argued that it was his job to keep Marina happy and Reva replied that his job was to respect Marina and give her credit to stand by him. Just as Reva again urged Mallet to tell Marina, Marina came by and Mallet told her that he needed to tell her something.

Mallet told Marina about the possibility of his having myeloma. Marina began asking questions and Mallet told her not to get upset and to take everything one step at a time. Marina began crying and talked about how she wanted to grow old with him. After Mallet calmed her down, Marina thanked him for telling her and commented that he was always the one who kept everything together. Soon, the doctor arrived and informed them that the mole was benign.

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