Recap Guiding Light: Monday, January 12, 2009

Rick paid Olivia a visit to say that she was making significant improvements with her pacemaker. He felt that she could move out of the farmhouse soon. Olivia wondered why she would do that. Rick reminded her that she was only staying there so that Natalia could help her recover. When he said that she and Natalia could soon go their separate ways, Olivia reticently nodded. After Rick gave her a brief checkup in the living room, Olivia explained how much Emma loved the farmhouse, but Rick said he didn't see Olivia as the rustic type. Olivia said she hadn't grown up rich, and she reasoned that everyone deserved to experience a real home at least once in their life. Upon leaving, Rick commented that satin sheets were more Olivia's style. He had a feeling that she shouldn't even unpack her bags. Once he was gone, Olivia glanced thoughtfully around her kitchen and touched one of the plates decorating the wall.

Christina sought out Remy to retrieve her financial aid application. She said she had a married friend who could use it. Remy stammered as he lied that he'd put the papers in the recycling bin. She wanted to fetch them from it, but he claimed that the trash had already been picked up. He changed the subject, saying that he intended to mail their divorce papers that afternoon. Christina wondered how soon they would be divorced, but Remy wanted to discuss it later because, at that moment, he needed her to help him help a friend.

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