Recap: "Soul Survivor"

Medium is back! And just as good as ever. Alison awakes from a silly dream shown like an old film clip from the late 1800's and as if it was on Ripley's Believe It or Not. The soul of one man passed into another's body and like a strange version of Freaky Friday, so begins the new season.

The fabulous Max Casella appears in several roles. From the historic Finneas to the gold-digging Joel, he proves he's too fabulous for just one role.

Alison enters the police department and follows a wafting sheet of paper as it leads her to the people involved in the case. The imagery was reminiscent of the dancing plastic bag in the movie American Beauty. We meet Gabrielle, a long-time friend of Manuel Devalos' and her second husband, Joel. Or is he her first husband, Nathan?

Gabrielle has asked Manuel to reopen the file on her sister's murder from six months ago when Manuel's nemesis, DA Van Dyke, was in charge and closed the case without ceremony. Alison dreams that Nathan was Robin's killer, so when Joel has Gabby believing he is Nate incarnate, it only follows that he killed Robin. But no one believes Al and she has no proof, so around the circle we go to find the answers.

Joel stole Nathan's autobiography when he hit him in a head-on collision. He memorized everything about Nathan and Gabrielle's life spurned on by the promise of the multi-million dollars that Nathan would be leaving to Gabby if he should die. Which he has. But there's one part of the story that Joel doesn't know about it and it's this little secret that will move him to murder. Nathan never wrote about his affair with Gabby's sister, Robin, so Joel didn't know about it. Robin stupidly teased Joel with telling her sister and that's how Robin ended up dead. Well that and the nine iron that Joel slammed into her head. Ouch.

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