Recap Guiding Light: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

As Olivia prepared Emma for school on presentation day, Natalia noted that Olivia seemed more nervous about the project than Emma. Olivia wanted to review Emma's work, but as Emma left for school, Emma said she wanted it to be a surprise. Shortly after Emma arrived at school, class presentations began. The laptop flashed Emma's drawing of her two mommies and her, and everyone's eyebrows rose. Once Emma had given her presentation, the teacher reminded the students to be nice because Emma's family was different. She opened the floor for questions, and one child said that Emma's family looked fun. The teacher asked if there were more questions, and every student put a hand in the air.

Back at the farmhouse, Olivia instructed Natalia to shelve the dishes within Emma's reach. Natalia told Olivia to sit on the sofa and criticize as Olivia normally did. Olivia touted that Rick had said she was getting stronger, and she lifted their laundry bag to prove it. Natalia wondered if Olivia would start doing laundry. Olivia declined, stating that she could, though, if she wanted.

Olivia went to Company, where Frank warned her that he couldn't play another poker game with her after she had wiped him out. When Olivia offered to give their winnings to charity, Frank decided that Natalia was having a positive effect on both Emma and Olivia. Olivia pretended that she was miserable at the farm, but she hated the thought of separating Emma and Natalia. Frank wondered if Olivia's condition had deteriorated, but Olivia said, "It's worse than that, Frank. I'm getting better."

She explained to a confused Frank that her health improvements left her little reason to stay on at the farmhouse. Frank thought she ought to stay because she liked it. Olivia had a hard time admitting that she did like living there; however, she eventually opened up. She felt that Emma and she had found a place where they belonged, but it wasn't permanent. Olivia asked Frank to take care of Natalia once Olivia and Emma moved out. Frank said he could do it. Olivia said that Natalia needed challenges in her life. Olivia felt that Natalia had trapped herself in the mold of waitress and mother, but once Olivia had pushed Natalia to assert herself, Natalia became confident and capable. She implored Frank not to merely see Natalia for who she was, but for who she could be.

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