Episode Recap: "Junk in the Trunk"

This week on TNT's The Closer, Brenda cracked a "big" case with a little help from her husband-to-be. Sanchez, meanwhile, got just the push he needed

- but never expected! - to go into therapy. Here now the recap.

Flynn summed up the case best: "We just found a big, big round peg in a very small square hole." The MCD team (minus Brenda) is presented with an obese robber - of his own jewelry store - stuffed, and thus unavoidably suffocated, in the trunk of his car. That in and of itself is a not-pretty picture. Adding insult to injury, a shouting match between post-traumatic Sanchez and a tow operator results in the vic's car careering down a hill, butt first (so to speak), smashing hard and fast into a telephone pole. As icing on the cake, an electrical transformer box crashes down onto the "overpacked" trunk.

As someone forewarned, it was like popping a zit. And the subsequent scene where the car is sawed open and the victim (put down your breakfast alert!) gushes out is still etched in me noggin. That's when Brenda arrives, her "personal day" (invariably, and let's face it, thankfully) interrupted. The remains are almost impossible to work, says the coroner, because (great line/delivery) "so much has gone wrong here." Still, a fast food receipt ("Why the Diet Coke?") leads to a drive-up window cam showing that the vic, Phil Adams, has been in the company of a young guy just prior to disappearing - along with the $300 million in diamonds he stole.

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