Recap Guiding Light: Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the mansion parlor, Alan gave Lillian an expensive gift to thank her for reminding him to put Beth first. Lillian thought he must have been in a generous mood after helping Buzz. While Alan claimed to be happy to help Buzz, he said he had really done it for Beth.

Beth sensed Buzz's dread as she passed him on her way to visit Coop at the boardinghouse. In Coop's room, she beamed with joy that Gerald Brooks had actually recommended her to her school's dean after she had stood up to him. She felt she owed it all to Coop, and she aimed to properly thank him. As they undressed each other, Beth mentioned that Alan had backed off on the wedding. Coop wanted Beth to move out of the mansion, but Beth assured him that they had everything they needed right there in that room. Coop disagreed, saying that it might have been enough for Beth, but not for him.

Coop felt that Beth wanted the privileges of being a Spaulding and the invigoration of their affair. He said she soothed her guilty conscience by helping Buzz. Beth denied feeling guilty. She actually thought she was helping Buzz. Beth worried about Alan's reaction to the affair, but Coop insisted that he needed Alan to find out. What Coop said he didn't need was a gratuitous roll in the hay in exchange for a pep talk.

Downstairs at Company, Marina wondered what was distracting Buzz. She threatened to go upstairs and get it out of Coop if Buzz didn't tell her. Buzz stopped her, saying that Coop had someone upstairs. He whispered, "Beth Raines." Just then, Alan arrived, looking for Beth. Marina and Buzz behaved nervously, but Beth entered before their consciences kicked in. Upon leaving with Beth, Alan said he wanted to talk to Buzz later about changing the menu.

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