Recap Guiding Light: Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alan was unpleasantly surprised to see Bill Lewis working behind a desk at Spaulding-Lewis. Bill refused the buyout because he felt that he needed to protect Lizzie from Alan. Alan planned to take Lizzie to New York to meet with investors. He dissuaded Bill from following them as he'd done before, because Bill had become irrelevant to Lizzie. Bill told Alan to go to hell, and Alan replied, "I'm going to New York City first." Alan said that Bill would become a distant memory, and he knew that Bill understood how easy memories were to forget. Bill felt that if Alan had to manipulate Lizzie with a trip, then Bill still had a chance with her.

Lizzie broke a flowerpot as she ran away, mortified to see her mother kissing Coop. Beth heard the crash, and she urged Coop to leave before anyone saw them. As Beth examined the shattered plant, Lizzie appeared. Refusing to tolerate Beth's excuses, Lizzie was appalled that Beth was sleeping with a guy young enough to be her son. To worsen matters, Coop had been Lizzie's first love and former fiancé. Beth reminded Lizzie that Bill was Beth's ex-husband before he was Lizzie's lover. She hoped that Lizzie would understand her need for happiness. Lizzie sardonically suggested that they share Beth's newfound happiness with Alan, but she deduced from Beth's terrified expression that Beth feared Alan's wrath far more than she feared causing Alan pain. As Lizzie marched into the house, Beth begged her not to tell Alan.

In the parlor, Beth couldn't believe that Lizzie chose Alan over her. Lizzie claimed that Alan had always wanted the best for Lizzie while Beth had been out for herself. She claimed Beth's boredom had led Beth to take advantage of Alan's money to go to law school. Lizzie asserted that Beth's affair wasn't some romance story; Beth was just a Cougar preying on her tutor. Blindsided by Lizzie's effrontery, Beth said that she was fighting for a better life for her children. She wanted to become a meaningful contributor to the family instead of Alan's puppet. Beth didn't expect Lizzie to support her, but she dared Lizzie to betray her.

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