Recap Guiding Light: Friday, January 16, 2009

Buzz and Coop dropped in at the police station for a visit and overheard Frank practicing asking Natalia out on a date. After some good-humored teasing, Coop suggested that they "fix Frank" and make sure that he was the man Natalia was dreaming about. Later, the guys discussed Frank's love life, or lack thereof. Frank turned the conversation on Coop by discussing his failed relationship with Ashlee. Frank pointed out that Coop could have women hanging all over him. Coop replied that he did not want a million women; he wanted one woman to love like Frank loved Eleni. Understanding, Frank said that for the Coopers, it was love or nothing. Coop insisted that he was happy with where his life was at that moment. Buzz mumbled something about Coop having a death wish but covered when Frank asked what he said. Later, talk turned to food, and Buzz bemoaned the fact that Alan owned Buzz's business. Frank assured Buzz that he would get Company back-Alan was just a temporary solution. Buzz praised both of his sons. When Coop left, Frank mentioned that Coop seemed a little nervous when Frank was discussing his love life. Again, Buzz dismissed the question.

Alan called Cyrus and demanded to know where Lizzie was. Alan said that Lizzie never showed up at the airport in New York and told Cyrus to find her fast since he did not have a good feeling.

Daisy met with Bill at his request. Bill stated that he needed a favor and told Daisy that if she backed out, he would not hold it against her. Bill gave Lizzie's cell phone to Daisy and asked her to pretend to be Lizzie and call Alan to tell him that she would be late. Daisy saw a white van that looked just like the kidnapper's van and figured out that Bill had Lizzie. Bill confirmed it by saying that it was not a kidnapping; it was an intervention.

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