Recap Passions: Monday, January 7th, 2008

Gwen and Ethan are at the Blue Note, and Ethan doesn't understand why Theresa would cheat on him. Gwen is quite eager to take his mind off Theresa. Ivy tells Ethan that he is better off without Theresa in his life. Ethan is caught off guard and wonders why Ivy is at the Blue Note, so Gwen tells him that she invited her. She wants Ethan to be surrounded with love. Ivy is ecstatic so she orders champagne, but Ethan is in no mood to celebrate. Ivy encourages Gwen to go after Ethan, but Gwen already has that in mind. Ethan overhears Ivy telling Gwen that Teresa was just a fling, and he tells her that that was not the case, and then dismisses her by telling her it's none of her business. Gwen tells Ethan that she and Jonathan will always be there for him because she loves him. Ethan is shocked because he knows how much he has hurt Gwen in the past, and it's all because of Theresa. Ivy is under the impression that if Theresa is cheating on Ethan, then Theresa must have made up all the terrible things that she has said about Gwen, her and Alistair. Consequently, she tells Ethan to apologize to Gwen for always taking Theresa's side, and Ethan apologizes and tells Gwen that they were both victims of Theresa's deception. Gwen is ecstatic and tells Ethan that she wants a future with him without Theresa in the picture, but Ethan tells her that he did not tell her that they would have a future together. He hasn't even gotten over what happened between him and Theresa. Ivy applauds Gwen and is happy that Theresa is finally out of the picture. At the Crane cabin, Pilar tries to make sense of what just happened between Ethan and Theresa. Pilar wants to take the blame, but Theresa states that it's all on Gwen and Rebecca, and she vows to find a way to be with Ethan again. Theresa focuses on Pilar, and she wants to go to Mexico to come to some sort of agreement with Juanita. Pilar forbids it because she has already lost her sister. Juanita will kill Theresa, and then end up coming to Harmony and kill the rest of the family. Pilar is amazed at how Theresa is willing to do anything when it suits her personally. Theresa doesn't care because she states that she would rather die than to live without Ethan. Pilar asks Theresa to promise her that she won't contact Juanita. Theresa tells Pilar what she wants to hear, but she has all intentions of seeing Juanita, even if it kills her. After Pilar leaves the room, Theresa books a flight to Mexico.

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