MAKE IT OR BREAK IT ''I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me'' Review Season 2, Episode 5

My new, secret guilty pleasure MAKE IT OR BREAK IT has collided with my other not-so-secret pleasure of General Hospital. Rosa Blasi who plays Kaylie's mother Ronnie showed up on the soap, causing me to do a double-take. Thankfully she didn't show up in this Make It or Break It episode, titled I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me, with the heavy makeup she had on in General Hospital.

The episode opens with Kaylie motivated to beat Gen Ji Cho of the China team. She exercises and pretends to eat through the episode. Kaylie convinces her mom and dad to become her co-managers. This backfires on her when they fight over her music, ending in a disconnected but hilarious chicken-like dance routine. She continues to enforce the no boys policy.

Payson can't conceptualize how her athleticism can be transformed into artistry. So Sasha brings her to see a contemporary ballet. Payson is inspired by the ballet and the lead dancer whose body type is similar to her own. She opts out of the floor routine presentation until she is able to put her best foot forward.

Lauren wants Carter to say that he loves her. But he's honest and says no; they haven't even gone on a date. So they do date, but Carter still can't say he loves Lauren, especially after she steals Emily's floor routine out of revenge.

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