Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin Made Hailey Lie About "Emotional Abuse"?

Sometimes you can't help but wonder if Jon Gosselin purposely stirs up trouble just to stay in the headlines. According to FOX 411, the father of eight was responsible for girlfriend Hailey Glassman's claims about him being "emotionally abusive." He was also the one who made up that little breakup they had on air.

The two did say they're just "cooling off", so goes the relationship cliche, but even that's been pegged a publicity stunt as well. A source close to the Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad revealed to the publication how all this chaos was designed by Jon Gosselin himself.

"Jon actually made the decision to have Hailey go on air and badmouth him," the insider divulged. "Jon and Hailey get paid for their appearances on these shows and they need the money. It was easy for Hailey to conjure tears, their lives are less than stellar right now, but Jon hasn't abused [her]."

Again, it sounds as though it's a matter of money talks. In this case, it's communicating with us through Hailey Glassman's words as Jon's behind her pulling the strings.

The source went on to accuse the Jon and Kate Plus 8 father of using his popularity for cash. "Jon doesn't have much money left and he is not currently searching for a real job. Jon still seeks money through his fame and notoriety. He really wants a reality show of his own, and he is stretching out every moment of the drama for a dollar."

Maybe he simply misses the public and privileged lifestyle he shared with Kate Gosselin. Then again, the insider has other reasons for Jon's behavior.

"Jon still believes he got married too young and had too many children that he wasn't ready for - that's what has led to the demise of his relationship and the TV show," said the source.

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