Lost: Lindelof Still Won't Say Much, And A Closer Look At The First Official Poster

The folks behind the latest Star Trek film celebrated Monday night, as they marked the release of their DVD release, but some of the folks there were keen on knowing stuff about something else: Lost. After all, executive producer Damon Lindelof was around, and even if we all know he wouldn't exactly spill details about the final season which airs early next year, it helps to squeeze whatever can be squeezed off him, right?

"All I can say is that we've spent the last five years answering the question, 'Were you guys making it up as you go along? Do you know what you're doing?'" he told TV Guide Magazine. "It's a great comfort to know that in about six months people will stop asking us that question. They're basically say 'you were making it up as you go along,' or they'll go 'wow, you really had a plan.'"

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