PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Episode 8 ''Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone'' Review Episode 8

Finally, in episode 8 PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone, the day of Alison's memorial has arrived . Does anyone else feel like it has been years since they found her body? With so much happening with the girls since the discovery, the body bag is but a distant memory. However, memories come crashing back with the impending memorial. Everyone has Alison on their mind. One wouldn't think that one afternoon at the beach could provide so much information, so much drama, and so many secrets. We learn that Aria has had a crush on Noel for quite some time and that Alison, in her backhanded way, encouraged Aria declaring that someone with Noel's immaturity level was perfect for her. Is that why Aria is still moping over Mr. Fitz? To prove to Alison that she is deserving of someone more mature, someone seasoned? I talked about the girls' daddy issues, but could the girls also be suffering from Alison issues?

If there is such a condition, Emily is drowning in it. Apparently Alison knew of Emily's bicurious tendencies and exploited them. Making suggestive remarks about Kissing Rock and throwing coy glances seems like an awful lot of temptation for poor Emily. Is Emily's attempt to date Mia something she is truly interested in or is it a way for Emily to prove to Alison, and herself, that it wasn't just Alison that sparked her interest?

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