If ever a bunch deserved a suing.....

Speaking as an ex student nurse, the standard of care given to the young guy with the injured leg in the second episode was nothing short of negligent! In the extreme!!!

The doctor said they had issues with his circulation and were waiting to check it was establishing ok after the accident. And yet no one bothered to check on it until the guy said it was cold and passed out????


The student nurse would have been assigned checking his distal pulse in his ankle and on his foot at least every hour - maybe even half hour initially. She'd have had to record a visual perfusion check (good colour) of the foot visually and felt it with her hand to check for temperature (to check it was warm). It would NOT have been left covered up without being looked at or felt the way it was shown (enough time for him to comedown from his high rememberin the episode. I just HATE IT when medical dramas get something so straightforward so very wrong.


Default avatar cat
Dec 14, 2009 3:36PM EST

its a tv show. i am a nurse and this show gets the nurse's point of view across much better than any other medical show...except for scrubs :)why does everything have to be about suing.two thumbs up.

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Dec 14, 2009 4:16PM EST

I LIKE the show, and yes, the nurses come over well, it's just that it was so basic bad management that it really annoyed me.

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