Recap: "Walking Back the Cat"

This week on TNT's The Closer, Fritz "distracted" Brenda from thoughts of Kitty by luring her into helping out on an FBI case. Provenza, meanwhile, had a big surprise for the squad room. On with the recap!

As Brenda cooks up a storm (things are slow at the MCD), Fritz comes home... with Kitty's ashes. "I see dead bodies all the time," Brenda says as she moves past Fritz to get a look. But upon doing so, she is crushed: "Ohhhh! These are not ashes, they're chunks!" And they're labeled "Kitty Howard" at that. Brenda wants to spread the ashes somewhere important to Kitty. "Where?" Fritz asks. "She was never allowed to go outside."

Fritz asks Brenda for a "favor" - even though it might run afoul of their pledge to separate work and home. Seems the FBI is looking for a guy named Austin Blair. Brenda agrees to discreetly sniff around.

But not discreetly enough, as Pope asks why she's poking around for a missing persons report. "It's a 'special request'? What are we, a karaoke bar?" When Brenda breaks up over Kitty's ashes, a sympathetic Pope agrees to have an underling extract the file, if only because the emotionally distraught Deputy Chief Johnson is "a little too... high-ranking."

In the murder room, Provenza introduces his pretty (and relatively young) new lady friend, menswear saleswoman Lauren, to the boys. (This twist was first teased by the Mitovich Mega Minute.) To Flynn, she says, "I've heard so much about you." He responds, "Really? Because to me you're a complete surprise." Sanchez ultimately takes one for the team by blurting, "So how old are you?" Alas, no answer. Provenza asks Buzz to show Lauren one of his old interrogation videos. "OK, how about the one with John Wilkes Booth?" Ha!

Taylor presents Brenda with the missing persons report on Austin Blair, which had more or less been shrugged off as a case of "gay guy takes up with someone else, scorned boyfriend cries foul." Brenda urges the detectives to set aside convenient stereotypes and do some actual investigating. Soon after, the morgue turns up four possible hits, and the coroner schools the cops on "Gay Culture 101," surmising that Austin didn't just go out the night he vanished, he was at Hell-A, a circuit party. Tests later reveal that Austin had GHB and alcohol in his system. Fritz has the MCD crew deputized as temp FBI agents to properly share in the investigation.

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