Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 3, Episode 1 - Like a Virgin

Dawson is returning home from Philadelphia after spending the summer with his mother. On the bus ride home, Dawson has fallen asleep watching “Risky Business” on his DVD player. He wakes and finds Eve, a stunning blonde, sitting next to him. Their conversation leaves Dawson very intrigued.

On the first day of school Joey spends her morning working at Logan's Marina. She impatiently checks her watch as Rob Logan, the son of the Marina's owner, walks up up. Joey is not amused at Rob’s tardiness and tells him that she'll be back after school.

At Jen’s house, Jack and Jen are fixing breakfast in what seems to be a very rehearsed routine. They start eating and notice Grams watching in amusement. "How long have you two been married?" Grams asks.

In Dawson’s kitchen, Pacey and Dawson talk about the mysterious blond Dawson met on the bus. "She was like this perfect girl. One minute she’s sitting right next to me…the next minute…gone," explains Dawson. Pacey changes the subject and asks Dawson what he'll do when he sees Joey again. Dawson says that even if Joey is able to forgive and forget, he can’t. When Pacey asks Dawson what he would do if Joey wanted to reconcile, Dawson says, "I'll tell her that it's over and that it's been over and that we're both better off without each other." Mitch, now Capeside High’s new official football coach, walks in and says that he’s leaving for his coaching conference.

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