Recap: "No Child's Left Behind"

This week, TNT's Raising the Bar presents its first realistic and captivating case of its second season.

When a father is arrested after an innocent photo he posted of his son in the bathtub finds its way onto a child pornography site, Jerry must fight to prove to the jury that this man had no intent of exploiting his own child. The episode is timely on how it presents the pitfalls of sharing family photos online - and right after the opening credits, this powerful episode takes off and hits the ground running!

The episode begins with Jerry reviewing tapes of his client Nate Chrisman's claim that he has done nothing wrong by taking a picture of his son and posting it for family and friends. Jerry informs his client that the borough chief is handling the case himself, meaning the D.A.'s office is trying to make a point. Jerry claims they will argue that he was promoting and possessing a sexual act by a child, and that taking a picture is in fact a "performance."

Balco and Jerry are to try the case in front of Judge Kessler (my favorite!). Jerry tries to make a deal, dismissing the case as a misdemeanor of endangerment of a child. Balco, though, will only make a deal if Nate registers as a sex offender, a label which would follow him for the rest of his life. Jerry tells Nate that going to court would be a roll of the dice.

Meanwhile, Bobbi sits with her ex-husband to settle on the division of their assets. When listing which assets they will divide, Bobbi discovers that her apartment, bought with her grandmother's inheritance, was named. After her attorney claims the inheritance is not a joint asset, her ex's attorney explains the payments were made from their joint account (which Bobbi's money was in, exclusively). He continues to play dirty, and is willing to rip her out of the apartment her grandma wished for her to live in if it means making her regret leaving him. (How was she ever with this guy?)

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