'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' - 'That Girl Is Like a Virus' Recap Season 20, Episode 4

How's that for a look of determination on Colby? Last week we saw the 'Survivor' heroes down two challenges. We also have seen some non-heroic behavior in their camp while Boston Rob has been quite heroic in the villains' camp. This season, although it's definitely grabbing my attention, has gone beyond the realm of heroes and villains. It's more like a bunch of power-players, wheeler dealers, schemers, lunatics, and a few decent folks gone a tad off their rockers thrown into the mix. It's All-Stars on energy drinks. It's brutal. But it's entertaining. That's all I need.

Up to old tricks

Some things about the game are quite predictable. Although Coach is doing a bit more and isn't as wussy as his past season, he's still unduly full of himself. He's still full of stories of past glories, real or imagined. He still thinks he's the only honorable one in his camp. Sure, that's why he was classified a "villain." It's because he's such an honorable dude. Get a clue, Ben Wade.

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