Bad Girls Club Recap: ''Go with the Flo''

Flo can walk again ... sort of, and she walks to the other side of the line drawn between her and the rest of the house. Lexie gets progressively horny and makes her man-demands while Natalie calls a friend over to teach the girls how to use their stripper pole. It's quite entertaining to watch all the girls fail - well, all the girls except for Natalie. She seems to know her way around, and around, and around, that pole.

After their workout, our girls hit the town, and that's not all they hit. Amber meets a guy who buys her shots in exchange for some very sordid sexual exchanges disguised as dance moves and his wife is not having it. The fight moves from inside da club to da curb. Kendra and Natalie back her up before the cops break it up. The girls call Flo fake for not joining in on a good fight but I think we can all agree that Flo is not afraid of a good fight. My take is that while she was limping away she was rather enjoying Amber watching get BEAT!

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