Episode Recap: Week One Results

And then there were 18. It's sad to see amazingly talented dancers leave the competition but it's inevitable as we count down to America's Favorite Dancer. Did you agree with the judge's decisions or were you shocked with who they sent home?

First, let me spare a little bit of time for the fabulous Cat. I love her dress tonight. She looks cute, and her manner with the dancers is so comforting - when she's not forced to be dramatic to ratchet up the tension.

This week we had our first group dance, and I was pretty impressed. I'm very happy Shane Sparks is back in the mix. I like that they spotlighted Phillip, Tony, and Caitlin. There were some really hard-hitting, interesting moves. I liked the different levels and the different speeds. Nicely done.

Before the results, we did a bit of catching up with the Top 20. We learn some rules: Respect boundaries; communication is essential; it's important to feel comfortable; shared hobbies help; and it takes hard work and perspiration.

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