Desperate Housewives Season 6, Episode 9: "Would I Think of Suicide?"- Recap

On Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives, there was a lot of arguing on Wisteria Lane. Susan and Bree clashed over the latter's infidelity. Gaby and Lynette clashed over the latter's pregnancy. Mike and Katherine clashed over the latter's insanity. And what could possibly have made Angie Bolen consider leaving Fairview altogether?

The world is a dangerous place, Mary Alice tells us in voiceover, and we must learn to defend ourselves against those who would hurt us. Who's hurting whom? Read on:


Karl's plan is to get Orson to break his parole by consorting with known felons, so off Bree goes to find one. She visits with Lamar, who was in jail with Orson. Lamar reports that they called the former dentist Flossy because he nagged all the inmates to floss all the time. Heh. Bree pays him $600 to visit Orson. She emphasizes to Karl that she has no intention of turning him in; she just wants to blackmail him to get her divorce.


Julie is still in a post-attack funk: If someone wants to get you, they will, she tells her mom and her friends, who are planning to take a self-defense class at the hospital. Susan thinks, in the wake of Emily's murder, that Julie should tell the police about her married ex-boyfriend, just in case. "Why would he attack me and then want to get back together?" Julie lets slip, which does not put Susan at ease.

Meanwhile, Karl goes to see Julie because Susan tells him that she's still upset. He suggests that they should switch cars for a while, since Julie is nervous that the attacker knows where she lives and what car she drives, so she can't even go to the library. It sounds like a good idea.

Until... Susan sees Julie's car at the no-tell motel, and, assuming it's Julie, calls her. She's at the library, "diving into an old favorite." "And vice versa, I'm sure," Susan snarks.

And that's how Susan eavesdrops and figures out that Bree and Karl are shacking up in a no-tell motel room. Naturally, she's upset.


At the aforementioned self-defense class at the hospital, Susan and Bree are, naturally, paired up for attack role play. Susan gets a little too vigorously into character, and ends up putting Bree in a chokehold and telling her that she knows about her affair with Karl. Bree storms off before they can actually hash it out, apparently satisfied with the peace of mind that her pearl-handled .38 Special provides.

After the dust settles, Susan confronts Bree and Karl in a surprisingly level-headed manner. "Are you drinking again?" Susan asks, searching for an explanation of any sort for why she might be in love (yes, love) with Karl. Ultimately though, Susan gives them her blessing. It's unclear if that means that Susan will keep their little secret, but for now she is not an obstacle.

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Dec 4, 2009 12:17AM EST

Bree has gone off the deep end.

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