Extremely cruel

Does anyone else think it's incredibly cruel to take something that someone loves, give it to someone else to destroy and then tell you that you're going home?

I do - and I think PR should be pulled up about this caper. It means that someone potentially came to NY, had their fave item destroyed (though anyone who brings anyone nice to this show now must need their head looked) and then get sent home the same day with nothing but a space in their wardrobe. It's just nasty, not funny, and a bit sad to watch. I remember one time they did this someone's posession was a family heirloom. I'd just have insisted on handing it back.



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Aug 1, 2010 2:18PM EDT

i just read your post...i didnt see the episode, but i believe that ms. klum and her band of merrymen must think they are so above everyone else...id like to see someone do that to one of ms. klum's kid's favorite toy.....maybe she'll see how awful that was for people to watch. these celebrities don't care about anyone's feelings....they think they are above everyone else...that's why i don;t support shows like this that allow them to be taped acting like they are better than everyone else...it just keeps money flowing in their bank accounts.

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Aug 1, 2010 4:21PM EDT

I guess the idea is to be creative with already complete pieces - but one guys $2000 trousers were cut up etc. I'm sure on a previous show, they were asked to produce their favourite item that they'd brought with them. For one woman that was (I think) something that had belonged to her gran. Then they had to hand it over to someone else and have it taken apart and made into something for the catwalk. I just think it's terribly cruel - but even I, having watched the show a few times now, would only go on the show with a suitcase full of t shirts and jeans I think.

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Aug 2, 2010 5:09AM EDT

I think you both are over-reacting, They sign up to be on this show and know what kind of things they can expect. Anyone who went home did so because they personally did not create a garment that was up to par with the rest of the contestants. It isn't as though they pulled some people off the street with no knowledge of how this show goes and then cackled evil, rubbing their wicked claws together at the hilarity of forcing someone to cut up their own possessions for no benefit at all. They lost an item of clothing, (that honestly, they should KNOW that they'll have to do something with it, if they didn't, its their own lack of sense causing them to lose something precious to them, and I for one don't feel sorry for them ) for the chance to win the show. Saying that "oh, lets wreck one of Heidi Klum's kids toys and see how they like it" is a pretty stupid argument, imo, since its not NEARLY a comparable situation.
TL;DR Shooting someone's dog and then cooking it in a stew and making them eat it = Extremely cruel. Having willing participants on a televised contest give up an article of clothes = Part of the game they signed up for.

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