Modern Family Episode 9: "Fizbo" - Review

Modern Family continued its trend of outstanding episodes with Wednesday night's "Fizbo." The episode presented an unseen tragedy in the opening moments, with Jay and Mitchell frantic at the hospital, and then flashed back to earlier in the day to see how everything would unfold. And the journey to get us to the mysterious end result was hilarious.

Luke's late November birthday always gets lost around the Thanksgiving holiday. We learned that one year Phil and Claire had forgotten their son's big day and had to improvise a cake out of stuffing. Not that this bothered Luke. As his parents pointed out, he's the kind of kid that doesn't notice the gift you give him, but loves to play with the box it came in. One year Phil and Claire actually got Luke a really nice box, but mistakenly put it in a gift bag. He played with the gift bag. It's these great twists on the mundane that make Modern Family so fun to watch.

So instead of disappointing Luke for another year, the couple decided to throw the best birthday party ever. This is where hints and clues as to what could have possibly gotten everyone at the hospital start to show up. Phil arranges for an exotic animal show, a very tall rock wall and even a zip line to be set up at the party. Jay, meanwhile, decides to gift the always-clumsy Luke a crossbow. Though any one of these things could cause injury, and it was entertaining to hypothesize, there was still plenty of room around these items for some great comedy.

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