Review: Californication Season 3, Episode 10 - Dogtown

This was a real uplifter from last week's dull and otherwise boring episode, if not for the courageous and outrageous efforts of Charlie and his quest to score Rick Springfield a bag of the Colombian itching powder. And I mean uplifter in both the quality and emotional sense of the word ... that I just made up.

The girls in Hank's life, Karen, Becca and Charlie's ex Marcy, go for a girls' night out, and Hank gives Charlie one of his world famous benders after he gets canned for losing Springfield as a client. But it's more about seeing how much greasy California cuisine and $10 a bottle booze they can shove into their systems. Like all great drunken road trips, it's a night of story-telling, story-making and personal exploration, if the memories can make it through the vodka and wine haze that follows them wherever they go.

Hank and Charlie start out at (where else?) the bar, sizing up their lives in their usual machine gun style of ranting dialogue. But in the midst of the rapid fire exchange, things slow down as Hank recalls a very lovely story about the best breakfast he ever had because Karen made it for him. It shows that Hank is at least willing to embrace change and accept that there is more to a good woman than what she does for him physically.

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