Review: Dexter Season 4, Episode 10 - Lost Boys

Every season, Dexter manages to learn something from every one of his various victims and kills: the origins of his "Dark Passenger," the need for humanity to have a silent hero, why you shouldn't share your serial killing secrets with your best friend.

This season's big lesson seems to be the deepest and most important of all: his family. Dexter kept Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer (although after tonight, he should be redubbed the Trinity Plus One Killer since we learned that Lundy missed a crucial piece of his serial killings), on a long leash hoping to learn how to juggle his family mask and his private hobby, something Arthur has managed to do for more than 30 years. Unfortunately, the lesson he learned was a harsh one: your family is either a family or a mask and can be both. That and don't follow Arthur Mitchell's advice, ever.

Once again, Dexter finds himself learning from his mistakes in the previous episode by moving his kill prep room to a shipping container, a nice short homage to the first season. Cody, Dexter's stepson, fell through the skylight of the shed where he kept all of his kill tools and blood slides, so he decided to move his whole operation "off campus." But just like all the good episodes, it immediately kicks into high gear without bothering to go through those wimpy first, second or third gears by unveiling a surprise: Trinity does not kill in threes.

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