'Bachelor Pad' Finale Sneak Peeks: Michelle, Wes and Rest of Crazies Return

Tonight is the season finale of Bachelor Pad. What? Already? Someone pinch me because this must be a NIGHTMARE. Why would ABC give us such a powerful and magical gift, only to steal it away again so soon? The world can be so cruel sometimes.

Ah, well. I think I'll survive--barely. And at least we have two more hours of bitchering (that's the word I just made up for bickering bitches) and one last idiotic challenge to tide us over until Bachelor Pad returns next summer. (Fingers crossed! And hope I don't die of anticipation-itis in the meantime!)

So this is the end. That means it's time to bring back all the crazy characters who made this season so profoundly unlikable and make them rehash all the flimsy drama no one cares about for one last time.

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