Heroes Season 4, Episode 18: 'The Wall' Review - Featured

With the conclusion of Heroes drawing closer, we're now left with two major plots: Samuel's wicked end game and Sylar's quest for normalcy --- which are likely to traverse in tonight's episode entitled "Wall."

Last time we saw Heroes, Samuel framed Noah as the person responsible for the Carnival shootout that caused Lydia's death so he could redeem himself in the eyes of his Carnie family. Sylar, on the other hand, decided that the best way to feel like a normal person is to take away all his powers with the help of Matt Parkman, who then enclosed him with bricks in his basement.

Now that Peter has no choice but to save Sylar in order to save Emma and prevent her from killing thousands of people, he goes inside Sylar's head and finds Sylar in what appears to be an empty New York City. Think I Am Legend but without the dog and the crazy zombies.

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