Scoop: 'Vampire Diaries' to end season 'with a bang'

Entertainment Weekly intern Vlada Gelman is covering the Paley Fest for The Ausiello Files. Here's her report from last night's Vampire Diaries panel.

Spoiler Alert: Fans were treated to the next new episode, 'A Few Good Men,' airing March 25. O.C. grad Melinda Clarke makes her debut as Matt's mom and she doesn't hide her disdain for Matt's 'rebound girl Caroline. Elsewhere, Damon gets sucked into a bachelor auction with the Real Housewives of Mystic Falls. The showdown between Damon and Alaric reaches a crescendo at the auction as the truth about Damon's involvement in Isabel's death comes out. Meanwhile, Alaric and Jenna grow closer, but the whole 'your dead wife is the mother of my adopted niece' thing throws a wrench into their budding romance. As Elena grows closer to the truth about her mother, look for flashbacks to shed light on Isabel and Alaric's ring. Additionally, two mysterious new figures will be introduced and there will be multiple deaths and revivals. We also haven't seen the last of Anna and her mother Pearl.

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