Marcia Cross Talks Kyle vs. Orson on 'Desperate Housewives'

Some fans vowed to tune out of Desperate Housewives after Karl (Richard Brugi) died when a tiny plane crashed on a tiny Santa house. On the other hand, Bree (Marcia Cross), with whom he's been having an affair prior to croaking, seems to be the least affected. No hardcore grieving episode whatsoever, or maybe because she's been busy attending to wheelchair-bound and mood-swinging Orson (Kyle MacLachlan).

"I don't know whether they'll take time to explore that on camera... maybe I'll put a little bug in their ear about it. Yeah. Time for a little Burgi to show up as a ghost!" she tells Zap2it, adding that she doesn't feel that anyone could just get over something like that.

On the other hand, taking care of a bratty and potentially suicidal hubby can be exhausting. On the last episode of Desperate, it appears that Bree may have gotten used to the temperamental mood swings of Orson, including the "odd tranquility" that turned out to be giving away stuff to the guys, which of course, turned out to be the precursor to something more sinister.

"She has to take care of Orson because the Reverend said it was the right thing to do. [After all] she sinned in having the affair with Karl."

Cross doesn't mind that, however, as she often sees MacLachlan as her "TV husband." If only they can get along nearly as well onscreen. As for working with Brugi, that's another matter entirely.

"We really feel right together and have been at this for a long time. But I had a blast working with Burgi, just because I got to do things that I don't generally get to do. And that's always fun as an actor."

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