Strong and silent = boring

Will whoever is writing for Col Everett PLEASE PLEASE give him a bit of character development? So far we've got the dull, stolid soldier and the bullying, homicidal maniac. Frankly that's not enough. He is boring, unattractive and would not be missed. I can't see this impending baby lightening his character one iota. Poor kid, having him as dad. I don't feel it is actor Justin Louis fault either - I feel in my gut the man has been given little or nothing to work with. Maybe i'm wrong - maybe he's 'methodising' the 'being lost in space' bit - but hey, that's a plot we've seen done loads of times, and loads better too. So, c'mon. Some character and plot development here please. I KNOW this series could do better. It won't break Destiny to smile and be nice from time to time.


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